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Trend Tips: Kitchens

Kitchens aren’t just a place of slaving away over the hot stove, they’re social hubs where friends and family linger long after meals are over. Since both bathrooms and kitchens are staking their claim as the style capitals of the home, here are some of the hottest and current looks making their way to the scene, and I’ll just say, we love them all.

Sweet Scandi

Those Swedes sure know a thing or two about interiors! Pale wood finishes intertwined with the colour palette of whites and almost non existent greys, the scandi style is making its way through the entire house, especially kitchens. However, to avoid the cold vibes this style can give off, add a bit more character and life to the space through bold accessories like statement light fittings, tea towels, fresh flowers or artfully-potted plants.

Mixed metals

After copper’s recent dominance, it’s high time for other metals to shine. Golds, brass and pewter or rose gold with silver done in the right way can look fabulous. Brass is especially popular in the bathroom, says Carolyn Burns-McCrave, of Burns McCrave Design in Melbourne. “While black tap ware is still having a moment, the elegance of rubbed and aged brass is set to be the new bathroom must-have.”

Open shelf policy

Overhead cabinets in the kitchen are being ditched in favour of open shelving or more wall space. “Leaving kitchen walls clear creates an open feel and allows you to continue the splashback finish to the ceiling, making a real statement,” Burns-McCrave says. “And who doesn’t love styling a shelfie to keep things interesting?”

Smart spaces

Integrating kitchens and living rooms in ways that showcase some stylish appliances while cleverly hiding plain ones, gives a more refined appearance. Buying good-looking boxes from a homewares store can be the solution for hiding your charging devices. Look for smart appliances, too, such as refrigerators that monitor the contents for spoilage risk – trendy and clever!

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