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Alexandra Macmillan: Have Your Home Looking Fresh This Spring

Alexandra Macmillan is a Brisbane based Interior Designer who is passionate about collaborating with her clients to create beautiful, bespoke design solutions for both residential and commercial environments. Pared back and elegant, her projects exude warmth and comfort, focusing on natural materials and the layering of tone and texture.

With Ally’s amazing eye for design, we asked if she would kindly share with us some of tips to ensure our homes are looking perfect this spring!

Who doesn’t love a good Spring clean? And when we say Spring clean, we really mean a good session of reorganising the home and changing up the decor.. aaaaand a perfect excuse to purchase more homely goods. When looking for those perfect textures and colours to revamp the bedroom with, we can’t go past linen! Contrary to the belief that the quality of linen is determined solely by its thread count, flax linen has a very low count due to the thickness of the fibres. Flax Linen is recognized by its crumpled, loose weave, making it exceptionally breathable and far more durable than finer cottons. It also means the fabric becomes softer and more comfortable the more you wash it. Highly recommended to those looking for a long lasting, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly sheet set. Buyer beware, flax linen most definitely falls into the ‘get what you pay for category’, make sure you do your research and only buy from reputable linen stores – you’ll thank me for it!

Just a little hint…

Sheets on the Line, Paddington | | |

Loud, bright patterns are now making way for a colour palette that is warm, organic and neutral, textural grey tones interlaced with soft pinks and rich emerald & navy. And don’t pack up the winter rugs and throws just yet! Add those large chunky knits with soft whimsical linens, layered earthy tactile items such as vintage rugs & natural jute baskets overflowing with tropical plants. Definitely a winning combination – we even have our a fiddle leaf fig in a jute basket at Reception.

Ally’s current infatuation: terrazzo.“I have this insatiable penchant for terrazzo at the moment! It’s just so good!” 

Stuck on what to fill those shelves with? Or what to put on that desk or table? Or even what to add to that blank wall? Layering multiple art pieces is a perfect touch that Ally personally recommends! “It’s a wonderful way of adding character to your home, especially if you live in a rental property or find yourself often changing your mind!” 

Whether you’re new to the interior designing and decorating, or whether you just want some more home inspo, check out some of Ally’s favourite interior blogs:

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“I am an avid supporter of Australian small business, and in particular, Australian design. As I covet so many local and national design stores, it is very hard to select only a few, though these in particular are my favourite home interior shops at the moment:


JARDAN: 16a/23 James Street, Fortitude Valley Q4006

CULT Design: 925 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley Q 4006


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“I seem to have a very fluid design style, though ultimately one that is very simple + classic. I am deeply inspired by travel and am constantly being drawn abroad, exploring design and innovation within different cultures, seeking to further broaden my understanding of the world, its people and their customs ”  

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