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Matt Lancashire: Expansion Becomes Reality

Matt Lancashire, the resident Principal of Ray White New Farm, assisted in establishing and developing Sam’s passion for real estate. Matt observed and supported Sam’s professional growth and dedication within Ray White New Farm, and facilitated a platform for Sam to achieve his goal of opening Ray White Spring Hill. Matt continues to mentor and support Sam, acting as Principal for our office, whilst still fulfilling the role of Selling Principal for our New Farm office.

Matt’s support comes from his ideal team he has built – his personal assistant, Kate D’arcy and his two Sales Associates Karla Lynch and Josh Brown. This exceptionally appointed team assist Matt daily, helping reach his career goals and manage two offices.

Q. When Sam approached you with the idea to expand, what were your initial thoughts?

Initially I was overwhelmed with excitement! Sam’s leadership skills, his work ethic and how he is perceived in the market place of Spring Hill gave me 100% faith that this was an amazing opportunity to run with. It was a no-brainer! I don’t take business decisions lightly, but Sam proved himself as an agent and mentor to the other agents at the New Farm office. Fair to say that the first few months since opening has definitely confirmed that this was all a formula for success.

Q. Was there any particular reason that drew you to the office space that was chosen?

Location, Location, Location! Spring Hill has a very eccentric mix of people and the positioning of the office space is so important. So having found this space on the corner of Little Edward and Leichhardt Street was unreal – we are right in the thick of it all. It’s such a high-vis position and we assuredly stand out. Spring Hill also provides a valuable segway into various other market places, perfect for our team to specialise in different suburbs due to such a central location.

Q. What are the highlights and the challenges of managing two offices?

Expanding to now two offices certainly gives us a competitive edge against our opposition, not to mention that between the two offices we now have a total of 48 staff! I am very proud to be able to provide a platform for staff to be successful and excited that everyone has an opportunity to run their business like it is their own – we just provide the tools for them to be as successful as they want.

One of the biggest challenges is time management. Maintaining my role as Selling Principal and managing two offices can definitely be challenging at times. However, with such an unbelievable support team behind us, we can do it effortlessly.

Q. Is the Spring Hill office what you envisioned when you first hatched the idea of opening in the area?

Even better! Spring Hill is radically growing and is such a thriving market place. I really do believe it’s a sleeping giant. The people we have in our team are just amazing to be around, and the office space itself is exceptionally appointed. I feel strongly that being in partnership with Sam was the best decision. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Ray White Spring Hill, and I’m so excited to see our team grow and achieve their goals.

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