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Attention Agents: 10 Mantras For a Successful Mindset

I’m sure most of us are well aware that success relies on two key factors: a great business strategy and an overwhelming desire to succeed. However, they’re a package deal – if you’re lacking in one or the other, you will struggle. In saying this, it’s also important to acknowledge that we all have rough days, weeks & even months (god forbid it lasts longer than a month). These little ruts can really take their toll on your positive mindset, which in turn affects your entire business. Without positive vibes and that daily drive, picking up your jacket can be difficult enough, let alone the phone.

So if you’re feeling discouraged or burnt out – it’s time to do a priority check and think about all the things you have to be grateful for. A focused verbal affirmation spoken aloud (also known as a mantra) can help you re-evaluate your situation and can also have a dramatic positive impact on your real estate motivation. Here are 10 little gems of mantras to give yourself a swift kick in the you-know-what to get you back on bandwagon.

When your self-employed, you have A LOT of freedom. A lot, a lot. Of course this is a huge benefit and many people are drawn to this factor that the career provides. However, it also requires an extreme amount of discipline. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, staying motivated or following through on projects, use this mantra to bust through excuses and hesitations.

Procrastination can be a major success killer. If you’re a little guilty of often pushing things off until tomorrow, use this mantra to remind yourself that you said that yesterday, which means today’s the day you get your butt into gear and get it done.

Do you tend to push yourself too hard, over-commit or consider yourself a little crazy OCD or a perfectionist? I think it’s time for a little step back and allow yourself to accept that in some cases, good is good enough. As long as you’re getting things done and making progress – you’re on the right track. Progress, big or small, is still progress.

Running your own business is hard work, and sometimes it can be downright exhausting. If you’re having a particularly long or stressful day, use this mantra to remind yourself that every single thing you do is with the sole purpose of serving others which in turns allows you to build the life you want. Real Estate is one of the few industries that allow you to determine your income. Whatever you put in, you get back – your opportunities are endless and you income is ultimately uncapped, so why would you want to be mediocre?

Life will never stop throwing challenges your way, and yes we’ve all been a victim of the universes cruel tendency to throw multiple things at us at once. If you’re facing a challenging time and are feeling frustrated or defeated, break the cycle by starting your morning out with this mantra. #positivevibes

Most of us are really good at being hard on ourselves when things aren’t going as well as we’d like. Yet we’re not as quick to pat ourselves on the back when we reach milestones or achieve accomplishments. This mantra is perfect for a little toot of your own horn – which is totally needed from time to time to boost your self-confidence. Confidence level: Kanye West.

This mantra is perfect for those working towards a long-term goal that requires a lot of discipline and hard work to reach. Whether your target is based around generating a certain number of sales this financial year, hit a certain figure of GCI for the year or shedding some puppy fat and getting in better shape – it can be easy to veer off course. Getting distracted by smaller, (not so much less important, but less satisfying long term) objectives is almost a trap. This motto will help make your decisions easier along the way, and ensure you don’t lose sight of the big picture goals.

Ever been in a position where you wanted to try something new, decided to live in your shell and not give it a shot, then felt annoyed at yourself for not grabbing the bulls by the horns? Next time you’re facing that situation, use this mantra to break through any hesitations and go after what you really want.

Lots of things in life are scary – some even terrifying, but you can’t let scary get in your way. When you’re faced with dramatic change or adversity that feels overwhelming, it’s time to bring that inner lion out to play. Strength and courage my friend – dig deep, it’s in there.

One of our favourite mantras! Do you do what you do to be mediocre? Do you get up everyday, spend a night late in the office prospecting, nurture that database like its your offspring, drive across the state at any hour to close a deal, negotiate with some of the most difficult and stubborn clients, do you do what you do to be ‘comfortable’? No. Your goals and your dreams should be what feed your ridiculously high desire and hunger for success. Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself. If you’re not aiming big, you’re not going to get big. Period.

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