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Banning The Clutter: When Less Is More

By Coralie Mackenzie

It’s easy to lose your way when it comes to clutter. Your child brings home twenty hand drawn pictures every week, that supermarket cooking magazine is SO worth keeping for that one recipe and the bills need to be kept out so that you remember to pay them. Week by week… more and more clutter finds its way on to your bench, bedside table, coffee table and desk until nothing looks tidy anymore. #sadface. Thankfully, we have collected the top 5 de-clutter ideas that everyone should be doing!

1. Taking out the trash | That drawer that is full of things you “might need” later down the track… The paperwork exploding out of your desk drawer… All of it. Ask yourself if you really need it. If you haven’t even looked at it in 12 months – bin it. You will feel refreshed instantly!

2. Box your keepsakes | I recently took a trip to good old K Mart and bought some plastic storage boxes and haven’t looked back. Take a good look at the décor you have around your home. All those little Knick knacks you bought overseas don’t necessarily need to be on display; carefully wrapping and boxing them will preserve them and give you more space.

3. Mail | We know how exciting junk mail can be. The latest catalogues and offers are always worth a flick through, but only bringing in the mail that you are interested in will save you time and bin space. Head straight from the letterbox to the bin and get rid of anything you are not interested in.

4. Donate to charity | It is a really nice feeling to help those in need. Pop a box down next to your car in the garage and put a time limit on your donation countdown (i.e.: 2 weeks). This will keep your task front of mind and when you are ready, you will feel fantastic. A quick google search will help locate your nearest charity bin.

5. Speed cleans | Every night, put aside 10-15 minutes of speed-clean clutter control. Wipe down the kitchen bench, straighten up pillows and take out the trash. The next morning you will thank your past-self.

Always remember that mess is not an overnight thing. Taking these small steps and being aware, weekly of your top clutter areas will help you succeed in fighting the good fight!

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