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Sam Mayes – Agent To Principal

Sam is our resident Principal here at Ray White Spring Hill, managing our architecturally designed and crafted office and mentoring our dynamic team, all whilst attaining 30 % market share for property in Spring Hill. It’s been quite the transition for Sam and his Team – Coralie, Zac, Owen and Grant. ‘Team Mayes’ originated at Ray White New Farm, where Sam’s passion took him to the next level – opening a brand new office and hatching Ray White Spring Hill.

What are some of the most satisfying elements of transitioning from Sales Agent to Principal?

Taking the next step has been a very rewarding experience so far. I really enjoy helping my new team grow and fast tracking the agents to have quick success. I wanted to create a really fun and enjoyable culture so that the team want to be here, and it’s so great to see smiles on everyones’ faces. It has also been very satisfying for me personally to make the step from agent to principal, as it has just added a whole new element to my day to day routine.  It is certainly keeping me busy but has also really helped not just me, but my team, gain extra opportunities. The office we have built is something to be really proud of and now that we are positioned in our local market it is making it much easier to meet the local residents and business owners.

Could you describe the challenges you faced opening a new office and transitioning to Principal?

The main challenge were finding the right space and location. This was critical as we only wanted to do this once, which meant getting it right the first time. Physically setting up the new office took a lot of time, and a lot of thought went into planning. The whole process ended up taking more than six months, which was a long time to wait for something this exciting! Trying to juggle setting up the new office and selling property was definitely a challenge but helped improve my time management, that’s for sure!

What are some goals you have for the growth of Ray White Spring Hill?

I have heaps! But the most important to me would be:

– Highest performing real estate agency in our area

– 50% market share in Spring Hill

– Growth in surrounding suburbs, meaning growth for the agents individually

– Progress to a team of 10+ driven, dedicated and successful agents

What is your favourite part of the new office?  

There are quite a few parts of the new office that I love! I am a big fan of the LED lighting on the facade of the building, it’s become a signature for us – you can’t miss it! Also, the reception area it has a really elegant feel to it, it’s certainly inviting for customers and clients. And who could pass on our break out space downstairs, it is so cool! Such a large area and topped off with a TV,  great sound system, awesome wallpaper, bean bags, and even a ping pong table – it’s ideal. Most people would have no idea how big the office truly is until you have a look inside!

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