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When The Streets Are Greener

Is a leafy outlook better than city or water views?

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a breathtaking city view over dinner, of enjoying our morning coffee while looking over the water. But sometimes we overlook and take for granted just how much a tree lined street has to offer. The height and colour of these natural beauties actually increases the value of the homes below the canopy. A recent study showed that buyers paid 5% (approx) above the median price for properties in a street with 50% more trees.

According to to Lyndal Plant (2016), some of Brisbane’s more luscious suburbs include St. Lucia, Bardon, Indooroopilly, The Gap and Ashgrove.

The waters run deep with the benefits trees provide, so we thought we’d share just exactly how tree scaped streets are an effective selling point for properties and their potential occupants.

Lower urban air temperatures

A strategically shaded neighbourhood, mostly from urban planting can reduce energy bills from households up to 35%.

Increased Security

A pleasant walking environment creates actual ownerships and surveillance of homes and neighbourhoods.

Improved business

Businesses on tree scaped streets show 12% higher income which is an essential competitive edge over plaza discount stores.

Less drainage infrastructure

A tree absorbs about 60% of precipitation through its leaves and roots combined. Therefore damage of storm water runoff and flooding of is reduced.

Gas transformation efficiency

Trees in close proximity to the street absorb approximately 9 times more gases than set back/distant trees.

Convert streets, parking and walls into more aesthetically pleasing environments

One of the cheapest tools to soften and street scape the environment.

Soften and screen necessary street features

Highly effective at screening

Reduced blood pressure, improved overall emotion and psychological health

People absorb the environment they are in, whether it is ugly or pretty, positive or negative.

Reduced road rage

The calming effect of trees that reduces blood pressure, positively affects motorists behaviour.

Added value to adjacent homes, businesses and tax base

Estimates show that tree lined streets relate a $15-20,000 increase in home or business value.

Provides a lawn

Lawns are vital part of the operational side of a street. For example, storage of snow and driveway elevation transition.

Filtering and screening agent

Softens visual pollution such as light poles and utility poles

Longer pavement life

The shade of trees can add 40-60% more life to the asphalt underneath

So if you’re looking for a breathtaking view to add to your home, don’t forget that a wall of tranquil greenery can be just as beneficial!

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