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Women In Property

By Ellie Murray

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

– Emma Watson, HeForshe Global Conference 2014.

Don’t worry, this is not a blog post preaching to you all about my own opinions of feminism and gender equality.. I thought that given today is International Women’s Day, it was more than fitting to share a piece about women in the property market – some tips and tricks from great gals killin’ it out there, maybe even more so than their male associates.

There is nothing textbook about real estate. After doing some research for this piece I found that women excelled at either working in the industry or investing in the industry, basically a front door and back door. You can’t knock either one though, they’re both successful ‘women in property,’ and both absolutely kicking goals!

Let’s start with Kylie Walsh. She is one of the rare females in a top position, now General Manager for one of New South Wales’ most iconic boutique real estate brands. Kylie broke through the glass ceiling in a fabulous fashion but had a pit-stop at each level on the way up. Her success came from hard work and an internal drive that fuelled the fire. Before GM Kylie worked in all different roles – reception, property officer, property manager, sales, business owner and corporate. A noteworthy achievement was buying her first office at the age of just 21.  Not only is she a total inspiration to all women in real estate and beyond, she is a great resource. Participating in several interviews such as ‘How to Make a Great Impression at an Interview’ and training other upcoming property superstars.

Now we’ve looked at someone walks through the typical door of property, I would like to introduce Sue Hardwick. Sue is a smart, successful property investor. Her and husband own 13 properties… since 2010! Serious goals. Sue went from dry to high in what I believe to be lightning speed. Their dry period was emigrating from South Africa and lost a substantial amount of cash and assets. The couple picked themselves up and built their empire using several strategies, the first being seminars. Since attending investment seminars they met other property genius’ and employed other strategies. In addition to the property strategies, Sue worked as a property advisor for a mentor she met through a seminar. Her combined knowledge of the market and process allowed them to invest throughout Australia, researching and targeting areas perfect for their portfolio. She played the property market. And well played Sue, well played.

Sue shares with us her top five tips that she has learned along the way:

  1. Believe in the process – it’s a good investment, people always need houses to live in
  2. Have a vision and long-term goals
  3. Find a good mentor and advisors. In all areas of life, male or female, surround yourself with people that make you the best you
  4. Buy new properties in diverse locations, if possible
  5. Be a giver. What you give you will get back tenfold, Sue recommends being generous and giving to charity. I am going to suggest the HeForShe campaign, in the name of international women’s day and feminism.

Happy International Women’s Day ladies!

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